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Gas Petronas is LPG in cylinders and bulk that provides a clean, safe and effective burning fuel for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural use.


Common domestic uses of LPG include cooking, heating, refrigerator, air conditioning, gas lighting and clothes drying.  Commercial use of LPG is similar to domestic use but in bigger quantity such as in hotels, restaurants and hospital. 

Industrial uses LPG for cooking, heating, cutting, soldering, grain drying, tannery and tobacco drying.  Agricultural use LPG for poultry, grain drying and weed killing.

  • Design Working Pressure: 250 psi
  • Testing Pressure: 480 psi
  • LPG Pressure: 70 psi
  • Pressure Relief Valve (PRV): relieves at 370 psi and closes at 300psi
  • Hydrostatic Test every 5 years as safety requirement
LPG is stored and transported in a state of fluidity. In its natural state (under atmospheric conditions), the product is in vapor form.  But when put under moderate pressure, it turns into liquid with a change of volume down to 1/270 of its original gas volume, thus becoming easier to contain, deliver and use for industrial heating purposes.