LPG Saving Tips

10 Tips to Save on LPG or Save on Cooking Gas
A Little Goes a Long Way

1. Check for leaks. It could be in your regulator, your hoses, or even your burner. With leaks, much of your expenses go to gas that goes up in the air. So better have this problem fixed sooner than wasting more precious gas.

2. If you use hot water for beverages, make sure to boil water only once a day, not everytime anyone wants a hot cup. Then store the hot water in a thermos bottle.

3. When using cooking ware, wash them and then wipe them off before placing them on the burner. Do not allow the excess water to dry up using fire. That will save you a precious minute or 2 everytime you have to cook something.

4. Thaw frozen foods completely before cooking. The heat needed to bring down the food's temperature means using gas.

5. For long cook items, such as those that need to be boiled for a long time, use charcoal. It may take some effort, but you get to save on gas and still enjoy your favorite slow-cooked meals.

6. When cooking vegetables, do not overcook them. You can add leafy greens to your soups and stews last, stir, cover the pot, then turn off the burner. The heat inside the pot will be enough to cook your leafy greens.

7. When boiling pasta, you do not really need to boil water in a big pot in order to cook a kilo of spaghetti. Estimate the amount of uncooked pasta and imagine how much it would become when cooked. Then fill your pot with that amount of water. It will save precious minutes in boiling so much water.

8. When cooking, use a pot or pan that completely covers the burner, not the other way around. Using a small bottom pot on a wide burner just wastes the fire that burns on the sides of the pot. That is an awful lot of gas consumed.

9. Do not overcook food. When cooking, watch what you are doing. Don't answer the phone or talk to your neighbor. When you neglect your cooking, you not only waste on gas but also the food that was burned that has become inedible.

10. When turning on the burner, make sure that you are ready to cook, meaning your ingredients are all ready at hand. Do not turn on the burn and put oil while you still have to chop the garlic or wash the vegetables while the your pot or pan is already all heated up.

Well, these are for all of us guys! Happy cooking! :-D

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