What is Autogas?

1.     What is Autogas Petronas?
Autogas Petronas is the brand name of LPG used as alternative automotive fuel, made available in the market by Petronas Energy Philippines, Inc. LPG is considered an alternative fuel and is cleaner than conventional automotive fuels.
autogas station
2.     How can a vehicle run using LPG as fuel?
For vehicles to be able to run on LPG or autogas, their engines need to be converted first. There is no modification in the system, but installation of gas injectors, vaporizer unit, engine control unit and fuel tank is needed. Once done, these vehicles can run either on gasoline or LPG.
Bi-Fuel System
3.     Is Autogas safe to use as fuel?
Yes. Autogas is much less dangerous than gasoline and is non-toxic. Leaks can be detected because an odorant is added to the fuel as a safety measure. In addition to this, its fuel line systems are fitted with safety devices and shut-off valves that function automatically when the fuel line raptures.
Autogas cylinders are also manufactured with a device that shuts-off the filling process when the tank reaches 80% of its liquid capacity. LPG tanks are made of carbon steel and are 20 times more puncture-resistant than a typical gasoline tank.
4.     What happen if I run out of gas?
The system is dual fuel, so if you run out of either petrol or LPG, you simply switch to other.
5.     Will my vehicle feel different to drive?
The engine will possibly be smoother, and quieter in operation. Acceleration may be marginally down, so although a well-turned-driver may just notice the difference, their passengers almost certainly will not.

6.     What are the advantages of Autogas Petronas over other fuels?
·         It is cheaper than gasoline.
·         Safe and environmentally friendly since it contains no lead and leaves no residue.
·         Reduces wear on the engine's bottom end and means less maintenance.
·         Available in abundance.
·         There is no spilling when refilling your tank and no possibility of theft or pilferage.
·         Cost of conversion can be recovered through fuel savings in a reasonable time
7.     What are other types of vehicles being fueled by LPG?
Forklift for industrial purposes, taxi, jeepney, bus and motorcycle units for public and fleet transportation. Recently, Petronas started to supply LPG as alternate fuel to fishing vessels.